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Indjija Enters Financial Times` Top 25 Investment Destinations


Indjija Enters Financial Times` Top 25 Investment Destinations

Bi-monthly fDi Magazine, which is published by the renowed Financial Times Group, has elected Indjija one of the top 25 investment destinations in Europe. Indjija ranks 18th, leaving behind Amsterdam, Warsaw, Madrid, Frankfurt and Budapest.

In the second half of 2007, fDi Magazine sent questionnaires to more than 1,000 cities and regions and Europe. The basic criteria of the competition were economic potential, the most significant investments in the past two years, their level and the number of new work places, GDP growth, economic reforms and priorities.

Participants also had to answer questions about the strategies and reforms they use in order to attract inward investments, as well as to outline their major infrastructure and urban planning projects.

During 2006 and 2007, the Municipality of Indjija attracted about 200 million euros in committed inward investment.

The three most significant investments in this period were: the construction of an IT park by Indian property developer Embassy Group, wth an overall value of 600 million dollars; the construction of a 40,000-square-meter business center in downtown Indjija by multinational construction consortium TradeUnique, worth 60 million euros; and the construction of a factory by Bulgarian manufacturer of accumulator batteries Monbat, worth 9 million euros.

These three investments alone will create approximately 2,700 new work places on the territory of the Municipality of Indjija.

Indjija has become one of the most popular investment destination in Serbia and Southeastern Europe primarily because of its efficient and business-friendly administration based on e-government principles, good infrastructure, and the proactive and visionary municipal leadership. These give Indjija an edge over other towns in the region with similar geo-strategic and economic characteristics.

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