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The mayor of Indjija, Goran Jesic, got the "Financial Times" award


The mayor of Indjija, Goran Jesic, got the "Financial Times" award

Today in Cannes, the mayor of Indjija, Goran Jesic, accepted an award from a prestigious magazine FDI, which Indjija was awarded as a second best destination in Europe when it comes to effectiveness of the investments cost.

"This represents the success of Serbia as a country considering we have many municipalities and towns which have been recognized as good destinations for investment than they were before. Before it was just municipality of Indjija, and now we have Subotica, Sremska MItrovica, Zajecar and Vranje, as well as Vojvodina region. We have increased the capacity of attracting investments which was a universal success, primarily of SIEPA's politics and Vojvodina's Investment Promotion Fund. That is the result of all local governments and agencies working together. Even though, in spite of the World Economic Crisis over the previous years, there weren't many interested investors, during the last couple of years we have had five great projects which are now in the phase of realization and there are also great investors with whom we negotiate today. You've all heard the executive director of Henkel at the press conference on Monday saying that Henkel wants to build another factory in Indjija. That was a good message and a proof that we can compete with the competitors who are in EU and that we can also attract investors even though Serbia is not in the EU yet. That's a good sign for great new investors, not only when it comes to investing in Indjija, but in whole Serbia", pointed out the mayor of Indjija after being awarded.

That way Indjija was once more proven to be one of the most popular destinations for investments not only in Serbia but Europe as well, primarily because of the fast and serviceable administration, good infrastructure and the usage of the most modern information technology. It was firstly recognised in 2008. when Indjija was 18th on the list of 25 best European destinations for investments.

The tender "European cities and regions of the future" is traditionally announced by "FDI Intelligence" magazine, a part of Financial Times which analyses markets and gives valid information to those who promote their locations and those who seek business locations or just analyse trends.

The list of cities and regions of the future was created by collecting data from 253 European cities and 110 regions in Europe. Six categories were evaluated: economic potentials, human resources, cost-effectiveness, quality of life, and infrastructure and business climate.

The categories of evaluating cities and regions were: capital cities (more than million citizens), big cities (between half a million and million), small cities (between 250 thousand and 500.000), micro cities (under 250.000), big regions (more than 250.000) and small regions (under 250.000).


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