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"Henkel" celebrated 10 years of existence in Serbia


"Henkel" celebrated 10 years of existence in Serbia

New investment and new jobs areannounced by representatives of company "Henkel" in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the company's operations in Serbia. In past ten years "Henkel" invested 130 million euros in Serbia.

The company "Henkel" Serbia began its bussines privatizing "Merima" from Krusevac , and only five years later built its first plant in the northeastern industrial area in Indjija, and in 2008 opened another facility in which to produce liquid adhesives also in Indjija.

Just this year, the German investor is allocated 7.5 million euros in improving production in our country.

"Today, as we celebrate the tenth anniversary in Serbia I really hope for another successful decade yet to come" - Grasl said George, president of the company "Henkel Serbia".

"Henkel" plans to build a third plant in Indjija next year and to produce the facade colors.

„For Indjija is very important that a company like "Henkel" is successfully operating in our community and it is a great reference for Indjija. Today, when investors come to Indjija, we can send them to "Henkel" where they can see that Indjija is a serious partner fot its investors "- said Petar Filipovic, Mayor of Indjija.


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