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Liberation Day of Indjija -  The Municipality of Indjija Day


Liberation Day of Indjija - The Municipality of Indjija Day

Liberation Day of Indjija, was celebrated along with the Municipality of Indjija Day. On this day in 1944 Indjija was liberated after four year struggle against fascist . Because of the victims that struggle demanded and took, we mark this day with great respect. As previous years, the Day was marked with all - day events.

Mayor of Indjija, Petar Filipovic, along with President of Municipal Assembly Aleksandar Kovacevic, and deputy mayor Milan Bodiroza, hosted representatives of war veterans, and laid flowers on the monument in the center of the city.

After three years of break, athletic street races have been held for 48th time.

To mark the Day of Indjija in the great hall of the Cultural center was held the ceremonial meeting of the Municipal Assembly of Indjija. Festivity day was fulfilled at the end with premiere of Nikita Milivojevic, director born in Indjija, film "Jelena, Katarina, Marija".

Councilors and numerous guests, friends of Municipality, attended the ceremonial meeting of the Municipal Assembly of Indjija. Audience was first addressed by president of municipal Assembly Aleksandar Kovacevic, who emphasized that Day of Municipality of Indjija and ceremonial meeting is a chance not to talk about difficult topics, but for Assembly to address the citizents of Indjija on different way.

"Tonight on ceremonial meeting we're not going to talk about budget, amendments and decisions. We will remind ourselves of all fascism victims and fallen compatriots for better today, it is chance to recall what we did in previous period, to tell what we're planning to do, and to address to citizents of Indjija on different way than usual", said president of municipal Assembly Aleksandar Kovacevic and continued:

"I acknowledge competition in pre-election campaigns, but work in Assembly I imagine to be work in one political party called Indjija. No matter what political views we have, our obligation is to involve ourselves in active work, and to push for benefit of our fellow citizents."

Councilors of Municipal Assembly and numerous guests were also addressed by Mayor Petar Filipovic, who stated that 22nd of October is significant part of our history, and that we are going to continue to celebrate it.

"During the day we had different activities on this occasion, and we conclude the celebration with this ceremonial meeting. I already told that next year is going to be year of investment in social matters, in human resources and care for our eldest citizens because I believe that is the only way that we can provide better standard for our citizens in next year, that we all expect to be as difficult as this one", said mayor Petar Filipovic, and he send out a message to councilors, that they should continue to work as they did and better, and reminded that they are service of citizens.

"Our fellow citizens elected us, we are responsible only to them, and we have to behave according to that matter", Filipovic concluded.


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