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Indofood is building a factory in Indjija

30.11.2013| S.Todorović

Indofood is building a factory in Indjija

The Indonesian company Indoadriatic Industry is officially the owner of a plot of 500 acres in Indjija industrial zone. Signing of the land purchase contract was attended by HE Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Semuel Samson, Provincial Secretary of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Goran Ješić, and representatives of investors Faisal Abud Bawazir, owner of "Bawazir Group", Antonius Trisna Wanda, a representative of "Salim Group".

The delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of Indjija Petar Filipovic and Director of the Directorate for Development of Indjija Uros Ćuruvija.

- Indonesian company bought five acres of land in the industrial zone of Indjija. construction starts next year, and by the end of 2014. between 150 and 200 of our fellow citizens should get a job in the company - said the mayor of Indjija, Petar Filipovic, pointing out that this investment is extremely important for our municipality because, in addition to hire new people, initiate further development and cooperation between Serbia and Indonesia.

- This is the first Indonesia's investment in Serbia and Europe. Also, the company is a world famous brand and I expect that we will extend our cooperation. They reserved two more acres in Indjija and I believe that other Indonesian companies will come in Indjia and we will thus be able to hire as many of our fellow citizens - said Filipovic.

- This is the first greenfield investment which I arranged, Since I'm the Mayor, so my pleasure is even greater. I think we will have more investors in the future, as the municipality is concerned, you know that we have a completely ready and equipped industrial zone and all that is necessary to wait for the new investors and invite them to come to Indjia - said the mayor of Indjija Petar Filipovic.

His Excellency, the Ambassador of Indonesia to Serbia, said he was pleased to have the opportunity to attend this, he said, the turning point in the cooperation between the two countries.

- It is a great pleasure to visit this beautiful city that is managed by the genuine professionals. We can say that today's event was present for 59th anniversary of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Serbia. This is the first step in the production and economic cooperation between the two countries, because we are politically and culturally always been been close, and now we can work on being more productive - said the Ambassador of Indonesia and continued:

- Today we witnessed the signing of the contract "Indoadriatic Industry" Indonesian company engaged in the production of food, with representatives of Indjija. They bought five acres of land, and the plan is to expand the land of two more hectares. We are getting ready to build a factory for pasta and noodles, and this is only the first stage - said Samuel Samson.

- This is all due to "friendly atmosphere for investors" made ​​by the local government and people in Indjija great industrial zone and the support of the Mayor of Indjija Petar Filipovic and people present here. This is proof that Serbia, especially Indjija is suitable for investment, a commodity that will be produced here will not only be for the domestic market but also for export to all countries in the region - said the Ambassador.

The Indonesian company INDOADRIATIC INDUSTRY bought in Indjija’s  work zone land area of ​​50.000m2, where in the first phase to build a factory for the production of Noodles under the brand Indomi under license of  Indofood.

The value of the investment is about  11 million euros. The investors plan is to begin construction in the spring of 2014th and that it be completed in early 2015th when employed between 140 and 200 people should be employed. Expansion of the production capacity will bring an employment of  140 new people.

Indomie Noodles products are sold successfully in the countries of former Yugoslavia, and the last three years in the Republic of Serbia through the company Indo Serbia Food which is also established by the Wazaran&Salim Group. Indo Serbia Food is an importer and distributor for Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.


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