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Sustainable Development Strategy 2015-2020 of Indjija

08.12.2014| S.Todorović

Sustainable Development Strategy 2015-2020 of Indjija

The strategy of sustainable development is a basic requirement that the Municipality of Indjija must meet in the coming period to be able to expect funding for development projects from IPA funds.

Within the sector of the economy, the basis of the Strategy for Sustainable Development is a strong local economy and the improvement of general and specific measures for the development of all sectors of the economy.

Social development sector refers to a healthy, safe, equitable and enlightened community. In this field, the expected improvement of health and social protection, improving the protection of the right to work and employment, improving the security of citizens, especially the development of the system of protection of children and a higher quality and availability of culture and sport.

Also, there is the improvement of education and higher capacity of public administration to work with citizens.

In the field of environmental protection Strategy is expected to bring on advancement of ecological culture and education, the development of eco-policies and instruments, effective waste management, intensive afforestation, the affirmation of the natural and cultural heritage and the promotion of energy efficiency. 



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