Department for economy and local economic development

Municipal Administration

Address : Vojvode Stepe 48, 22320 Indjija
Telephone : +381 22 55 60 60

E-mail :

Municipality of Indjija has established a special Economy and local economic development department in order to stimulate and upgrade business development in its community. 
The Economy and LED department of Indjija is working in three main directions: informing, educations and financing. 

The Economy and LED department scope of work is to:

1. Promote Indjija’s entrepreneurs.

2. Create a "mailing"-list and an "SMS"-list in order to inform about all the activities that the Municipality is undertaking for the stimulation and promotion of domestic production. 

3. Organization of various trainings and seminars 

4. Organization of the participation on domestic and foreign fairs, such as the international Business fair in Celje and Real Expo in Munich. 

5. Through these engagements and making contacts with various Chamber of Commerce, associations and different funds for business promotion, we provide the possibility of making direct business partnerships to our entrepreneurs. 

6. We try to identify all the every day problems of the business sector that they deal with, in order to be able to react more efficiently to their problems and at the same time it will allow us to upgrade their position on the market. 

7. Subsidizing part of the interest rate for credits intended for the development of economy subjects in the municipality of Indjija. 

8. Through the local office of the Development Fund of AP Vojvodina, we will provide financial resources for development programs and projects.

9. Dose administrative, expertise, technical and other jobs on the implementation, coordination and servicing of activities from the area of local economic development.

10. Works on the marketing, preparation of materials for the aim of promoting economic development of the municipality on fairs and other economy manifestations.

11. Prepares and is in charge of the realization of projects of relevance to the local economic development. 

12. Participates in the realization of educational programs of training and prequalification of the unemployed people, in the aim of decreasing the amount of unemployment, and in correlation with the problems of economic development of the community. 

13. Is in charge of the ‘Skills Improvement Center’ for re-education courses of the unemployed.
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