Social insurance contributions

Rates for mandatory social security contributions are:

• 11% for pension and disability insurance,
• 6.15% for health insurance, and
• 0.75% for unemployment insurance.

The total contribution percentage of 17.9 is applicable to both the employer and the employee.
The minimum base for contributions is 40% of the average monthly salary in Serbia, while the maximum base is 5 times the average monthly salary. Remuneration paid for maternity leave or childcare will be treated as a salary for contribution n purposes. The contribution base for a person on unpaid leave is the salary that would be paid if the person worked in his regular manner. In principle, contributions are only payable when salaries are actually paid. 

If earnings are paid in installments, and the first installment is lower than the lowest monthly contribution base, the employer pays contributions on the lowest monthly contribution base when making the first payment of earnings. If the individual receives income from different sources, contributions are paid on each, but only up to the maximum amount set by the Law.

The employer is exempt from paying social insurance contributions for employees aged 50 or older, provided that: 1) they received compensation for unemployment paid by the National Agency for Employment, and 2) they have been declared as unemployed by the National Agency for Employment for no less than 1 year. The employer is granted an 80% reduction for employing individuals aged 45 years or older. Social security contributions borne by employees in both cases remain at 17.9%.
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