We have the best equipped industrial zones!

Inđija owns two fully functional, utility equipped industrial zones which also have exceptional geographic and transport positions (42km from Belgrade, 35km Novi Sad, 35km from Nikola Tesla Airport, connections to the country’s main transport routes: Corridor 10 (E75 highway: Belgrade-Novi Sad, E-70 highway: Belgrade-Zagreb), the M22/1 national road, R109 regional road: Ruma-Stari Slankamen, as well as rail routes Belgrade–Inđija-Novi Sad-Subotica-Budapest railway and Belgrade–Inđija–Zagreb-Ljubljana, as well as being close to the River Danube. This ensures Inđija is at the very top of Serbia’s offer when it comes to economic potential and investment activities.

 The main factors of economic development of Inđija, aside from agriculture, are industry and micro businesses. In order to provide space for industrial and micro business development, Inđija’s General Urban Development Plan envisages two city development zones to northeast and southeast of the town of Inđija. Forming industrial zones has enabled the construction of new capacities and the possibility of permanent relocation of all production capacities from the central and residential part of the settlement, which is primarily reflected in the quality of the environment in the town and the quality of work and production conditions.

Northeast Industrial Park

North-east work zone

North-east work zone, covering an area of 635ha, is located 2km from the centre of Inđija, between the town and highway E75. The zone is fully equipped with utility infrastructure and includes sewage and drainage systems, as well as a steel gas pipeline. It spreads over an area alongside the R109 regional road. West of the zone is the Belgrade-Novi Sad Corridor 10 railway. Close proximity to highway E75 enables easy access to the work zone.

Southeast Industrial Park

South-east work zone, covering an area of around 100ha, is located 1.5km from the centre of Inđija beside the M22/1 national road towards Belgrade, which connects the zone to the wider region. This zone is fully equipped with utility systems and the zone has entire utility infrastructure.
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