All administrative services available in the Citizen Assistance Center are also available online.

Indjija offers comprehensive E-government services accessible through its website, ranging from issuing basic registry documents to providing licenses and permits.

Strategic Partnership with Microsoft Corporation

Indjija is technologically the most advanced municipality in Serbia. This was confirmed with the Agreement on Strategic Partnership that was signed between the Municipality of Indjija and Microsoft Corporation in December 2004.

Indjija is the first municipality in Serbia to have signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft, and is unquestionably the most advanced when it comes to utilization of information technology in managing municipal operations and public utility companies, thus ensuring superior service delivery.
Given the commitment of Indjija`s local government leadership to creation of technologically the most advanced public administration in Serbia by investing in high technology and IT education, and automating most of the citizen services through System48, the municipality has decided to utilize Microsoft technologies as the most advanced in the market.

An important feature of this partnership is that it is not merely focused on the purchase of Microsoft’s software, but rather on a joint development of new information technology solutions for local government management, replicable in other municipalities as well.

Citizen assistance center

The One Stop Shop for All Administrative Services

Indjija has come a long way in making its administrative services for citizens and businesses alike, more accessible and more convenient. The Citizen Assistance Center is an integrated part of Indjija’s municipal administration designed to provide easy access to the most important municipal services. It is the first of its kind in Serbia.

It is a highly organized place, where the representatives of different municipal departments placed in 17 booths are ready to assist their customers quickly and accurately.

Aside from these municipal services, the Citizen Assistance Center is housing representatives of some of the state level administrative bodies, namely tax administration and cadastre services, as well as a bank booth for customer convenience.

Not only has Indjija demonstrated its leading role in promotion of good governance in Serbia, but it has also set an example with its model of Citizen Assistance Center which was later successfully replicated in dozens of municipalities across the country.
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