The oldest settlement in the Municipality of Indjija, Stari Slankamen, is situated on the place where the Danube cuts its way through the edge slopes of Fruska Gora. It is a small rural settlement with serpentine streets that create a special ambient where with its baroque belfry St Nikola’s Church dominates the view.

Numerous cultural and historical monuments tell us of the rich history of Stari Slankamen. The archeological site Gradina with remains of fortress Acumincum and the monument of the Slankamen battle show the strategic importance of this place situated by the River Danube which has represented a border between different empires for centuries.

Besides the history, the nature has also given Stari Slankamen numerous tourist values: the loess profiles unique in Europe, mineral springs, river full of fish, beautiful banks, sandy isles and beaches. Mineral spring "Slanaca", one of a few salty springs in Vojvodina, was used back in the Turkish period and long time ago the sanatorium was formed on it. Near Stari Slankamen, on the Danube bank, there is Zagrad – former fishermen’s village that tells about long tradition of fishing and good fishing terrains on this part of the Danube flow.

All the important cultural and natural sights tourists can get to know by walking along marked routes that lead through the settlement and its surroundings.

Boats can be tied up for the pears of Nautical club Stari Slankamen and the restaurants. On this attractive section of sailing down the Danube, in the near future much better conditions for lovers of nautical tourism will be made, due to the fact that Stari Slankamen has been defined (by the Project Development of nautical tourism NTD) as one of the 13 primary macro-locations in Vojvodina for building marines on the Danube.

Across Stari Slankamen, at 1214.5th km of the Danube flow, there is the mouth of the River Tisa, which represents the point where borders of Backa, Banat and Srem region meet, and where by the legend Attila the Hun was buried.

In order to develop tourism in Stari Slankamen several important projects have been started. Therefore, in the near future, this interesting settlement is expected to become an attractive tourist destination.

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