Krcedin is an interesting settlement of the Municipality of Indjija situated on the slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain and near the River Danube bank and therefore it is very attractive for tourists. North of the settlement, on the right bank of the Danube there is a weekend settlement made of about 2000 cottages. Along the bank there are a few sandy isles with beautiful beaches ideal for sport and leisure activities.

The left bank of the Danube with wood complex of Canadian poplar, spacious Krcedinska Isle, numerous armlets and pools is a real paradise for lovers of nature, ecology, hunting, fishing and photo-safari. Krcedinska Isle, with 10 km long bank and area of 9 km², falls into the group of the biggest Danubian isles from the mouth of the Drava to the mouth of the Tisa. It is known as an oasis of animals – it is the habitat of horses, cows, donkeys, pigs, numerous bird species etc. From the mainland the isle is separated by Gardinovacki armlet (so called "Dunavac"), which is connected to system of other armlets and pools.

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