Jarkovci is a village situated on Fruska Gora’s loess plateau, just 4 km away from Indjija. Jarkovci existed in the 17th and 18th century and it is assumed that it was located south of Indjija, and not northwest as now. On today’s location at first there was Pejacevic’s property called "Moja volja" (My will), next to which later on a settlement was built.

Along the settlement stretches Jarkovacko lake, an artificial accumulation that has big tourist potentials for development of sport, recreation, fishing and camping tourism. The lake is a great place for walking and enjoying preserved natural surroundings. It is full of fish and welcomes fishermen throughout the whole season.

"Moja volja" – an old summer house of count Marko Pejacevic is placed on the lake’s shore, at the end of the main village street. The summer house was built in the beginning of the 20th century and its original purpose was occasional stay and rest of the Pejacevic family, which at the time had a castle in Ruma. Because of its specificity and uniqueness, as a mixture of urban and rural architecture, the house was placed under the protection. Today it is a multipurpose object used for needs of children’s nursery and elementary school.

Jarkovci is the birth place of Oskar Zomerfild, the first Indjija’s academic painter, whose works are kept in Gallery of House of Vojnovics in Indjija. Actually, he was born in Pejacevic’s property where his father worked as a foreman.

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