Novi Karlovci

Village Novi Karlovci, also known as "Sase" among the locals, is settled 10km east of Inđija. It covers an area of 54,6 km², and it's located at 45º north latitude and 20º’ east longitude, at 104m above sea level.

Novi Karlovci have 3000 residents. Population is comprised of Serbs(96%), Croats, Hungarians, Slovaks, Ukrainians and others. Average age of the population is 40,4 years.

Nickname "Sase" is far more known and used name for Novi Karlovci among the locals. It comes from a Serbian name for wildflower Anemone that is plentiful in this area. Nevertheless, name Novi Karlovci comes from the mid 18th century, when settling of this are was began by citizents of Sremski Karlovci.

Novi Karlovci are typical Vojvodina village with two streets "in a cross", church and school in center of the village, and surrounding right angle streets.

Main economic activity of the locals is agriculture - and in particular cultivation of wheat , maize, sugar beet and sunflower.

Main cultural event in settlement is "Sremska potkovica"(Syrmia's horseshoe), that is being held every year on 8th of May ("Markov dan"). Event is competetive and involves participation of multiple categories of carriages. Participants are numerous kennels and stables from all parts of Serbia.

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