Cultural center of Inđija

In the beginning of May 2001, Local Assembly of Indjija in cooperation with USAID organization began a project called “Citizen Parliament”, that had the aim to realize architectural-construction and infrastructural projects of general community interest. By the will of citizens, we began the reconstruction of “Sokolski dom” in Indjija, which was finished in May 2003. Reconstructed “Sokolski dom” was officially open on 15th May, 2003. Opening a modern Cultural Center, as the base for further cultural development of the town, has resolved an old problem in the municipality of Indjija. The hosting of current theater manifestations, quality film repertory, art gallery as the promoter of modern art production, provocative and interesting discussions and workshops are the base of the future life of this institution.

Address: Vojvode Stepe 40, Inđija

Director: +381 (0)22 515 005

Organizer: +381 (0)22 215 01 48

Fax: +381 (0)22 215 01 49

Box office : +381 (0)22 555-890


Public Library "Dr Djordje Natosevic"

National Library "Dr. Djordje Natosevic" in Indjija was established in 1945. It was situated on different locations until 1965, when with the construction of the High School building it was moved in to the ground space of the school’s facility, and where it is still today.

From its establishment in 1973, until today, the Library is the only cultural institution that counts 50,000 members. Public Library "Dr. Djordje Natosevic" consists of a central building in the municipal center and four branches - in Beska, Maradik, Krcedin and Novi Karlovci.

For the development of library services, library improvement and good results in the field of culture, the Library received the award "Dositej Obradovic" (Awarded by Branch Office of library workers Srem, 1984), Indjija October Award (1985), and the Award "Milorad Panic Surep" (awarded by the Community of stem library of Serbia, 1986).

The library has a collection of some 92,000 books, used by the 3,000 registered users. The library has a Children department, and Adult department as well as specific books about the town of Indjija with the collection of 1,191 books on that subject.

The legacy of Djordje Natosevic counts some 5,866 books, with most of them on German language. The legacy contains 71 old and rare books, of which the oldest was published in 1788.

The legacy of Stanisic-Grabovacki counts some 1,117 books, and legacy of Save Jankovic counts some 317 books.

Address: Trg slobode 2 22320 Inđija

Telephone: 022 551-378

Telephone / Fax: 022 551-847


e-mail: info.biblioteka@indjijanet


House of Vojnovics

The House of Vojnovics, built around 1873, is one of a very few preserved examples of civic architecture from the end of the 19th century. Because of its architectural and cultural values it was proclaimed a third category cultural monument by the Institution for the protection of cultural monuments. Its authentic exterior and original interior tell us about the way of building and decorating homes at the time.

Today, the House of Vojnovics is a gallery where different cultural events are taking place.

Address: Cara Dušana bb,

Telephone: 560-584,

Fax: 551-378


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