Vladimir Gak was born at Indjija on 26th June in 1981, where he finished primary and secondary school.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad and he passed the Bar Exam.

Before he became the mayor of the Municipality of Indjija, he worked as a lawyer at Indjija.

He became politically active in 2002. He performed the duty in the Municipal Assembly from 2004 to 2008 and from 2012 to 2016.

During his  councilor duties he was a member of numerous permanent and temporary working bodies of the Municipal Assembly of Indjija.

Since 2006 he continuously worked in his management business, representing the interests of the foreign investors from Cyprus, Russia and Germany, primarily in the field of investment, on the territory of the Municipality of Indjija, Ruma, Pećinci, Novi Sad and Belgrade.

He attended a number of seminars dedicated to media relations, improvement  and the efficiency of labor  in the local government and communal politics.

He is married to Anja Gak.

He lives at Indjija.

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