An interesting village that offers opportunity for tourists to get to know tradition of this part of Srem is Maradik.

Popular Ethno house Maradik with authentic objects even 200 years old and ethno restaurant where traditional dishes are served, enables visitors to feel spirit of tradition and represents main tourist attraction of the settlement, which attracts more and more visitors.

The settlement Maradik was first mentioned in 1498, in the Krusevac chronicle. The old age of the settlement is confirmed by numerous archeological sites from the early Stone Age, Copper Age and Bronze Age. During the archeological diggings in 1985, the remains of a Roman village from 1st and 3rd century were discovered. Today, this small Srem village is a multi cultural community, where the most dominant ethnical groups are Serbs and Hungarians, followed by Croats and Slovaks. It is an agricultural community, mostly fruit growing and viticulture.

St Sava’s Church is one of the most important buildings of the village. In the first half of 18th century there was a wooden church covered with reed in its place. The present church was built in 1776 in the baroque style. The iconostasis was painted by Teodor Ilic Cesljar, a famous painter of Serbian baroque period.

Besides St Sava’s Church in Maradik there are Roman-catholic church and Reformed church.

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